About Homeland Lost

About the Author

A true story inspired by true events, author GJ Rachael Patterson narrates in a creative nonfiction genre a story based on twelve years of genealogical research of her ancestral roots–a three-generational saga filled with perils and triumphs.

About the Book

“Rachael uses a unique and non-traditional style to preserve her family heritage and history through exploring the personalities and situations of her ancestors.” ~ The late Jerry Frank, author/conference speaker/webmaster, SGGEE (The Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe), Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“Rachael gives us an intriguing study in relationships and life through her intense research and insight in HOMELAND LOST, her first novel. She has meticulously followed historic events while entwining human qualities and capturing our interest in her characters and their futures. HOMELAND LOST is a most informative and enjoyable read.” ~ Hazel Sheppard, author/publisher, Sheppard Publishing LLC, Rockport, Massachusetts, USA. Writer of the children’s trilogy The Inchy Books & Big Red’s Greatest Find

Homeland Lost is written in a sharp, crisp, virtually real style that truly puts the reader right there in the present moment. One feels all of their senses acutely heightened transporting us directly into the story, as a participant not only accompanying the characters, but having the feeling of sometimes being them. A romantic, historical adventure, a special, highly detailed treasure that the author has so lovingly and earnestly shared with the reader.” ~ Wayne Sheppard, author/screenwriter of Burden of Privilege: The Secret Life of Geoffrey Collins