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  1. A kind review by Charmaine Sommerfeldt, SGGEE (The Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe) member:

    13-Jul-20 – “The blending of the personal family saga (in Homeland Lost by GJ Rachael Patterson) and photos as well as genealogical timeline was great along with putting the events into historical context. You really took great pains to make sure everything said in German was translated fully and very well, as well as giving a real taste of what broken English can really sound like…The descriptive passages are lovely, and really penetrate the reality of the surroundings and what might have been going through the person’s mind. A wonderful read Rachael.” ~ Charmaine Sommerfeldt, Toronto, ON, CANADA

  2. Posting a kind review by Mara E. Manke McClain (granddaughter of Freidrich Ramien in Homeland Lost):

    06-Oct-2020- “Let me just tell you: your (GJ Rachael Patterson) writing is BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE your descriptions of the fruit orchards and the birds!” ~ cousin Mara E. Manke McClain, Cleveland OH, USA

  3. Posting kind review from Lorraine Yackulic

    Worth a repost… 2015 – “Nice to hear from you, Rachael! Yes, I most certainly enjoyed your historical novel Homeland Lost, and I am going to reread it soon. I always reread the good books I have…sometimes even more than twice. Yours is one that I will most likely choose again and again.” ~ Lorraine Yackulic

  4. Posting a kind review from Nancy Olthuis:

    29-May-2019 “The story (Homeland Lost by GJ Rachael Patterson) could be a movie and it made me keep reading… Reading your first chapter was like ‘reading’ an impressionist painting as I could totally be there… the historical research provide a narrative.. was masterful. The level of detail where you’re setting the stage in the first chapters – socio religious linguistic political – was huge …But once the stage was set, I found the flow happened. Your last chapters were some of your best writing..” ~ Nancy Olthuis, Edmonton AB Canada

  5. Kind Posting from Wendy Clay:

    26-Dec-17 “Just finished reading the Prologue of your book (Homeland Lost) by GJ Rachael Patterson. Oh my; your writing is such that it takes me right into the pages of your script. Your book is the kind that you need to slowly relish each word you have penned.” ~ Wendy Clay

  6. Posting kind review by Judy Saskiw:

    07Dec18 – “I just loved Rachael’s book (Homeland Lost​). What an intriguing life that her ancestors had. Rachael gives us insights into the plight of the Russian and German people around the First World War with an attitude of grace and love for all people. This novel is written very well and is very engaging. I am not a person who loves to read novels but I couldn’t put this book down until I was finished it. Good work Rachael.” ~ Judy Saskiw​, Calgary, AB, Canada.

  7. Posting kind review by Dr. John Scott Bradley:

    26Aug18 – “”WOW” (Homeland Lost) what a book. .. your writing was just superb. Your description brought to life the sights, the sounds, the smells of Europe and Alberta. Your detail to even the little things is just amazing.” – Dr. John Scott Bradley, Calgary AB Canada

  8. Kind post by another SGGEE member & author Victor Gess:

    28Jul18 – “I bought your book (Homeland Lost) the minute it became available and devoured it. Enjoyed every word of it. I was especially interested in the homesteading life.” – Victor Gess, author “Portrait of a Homesteader”

  9. Kind posting by a cousin, daughter of Elyna Porat in Homeland Lost, Glenda Bostock:

    12Jun18 – Homeland Lost “Wonderful read…..very descriptive….beautiful imagery. An amazing historical story of our family.” ~ Glenda Bostock

  10. Posting a kind review from Roberta C. Hicklin:

    16Nov17 – “Rachael – I just finished your awesome book Homeland Lost and want to thank you for your gift. I have always loved historical fiction and your words float with ease and take me into the smells and texture of the moments. What a wonderful tribute to your past and to all your family in the future. We all have interesting tidbits of family stories and rumour that should be recorded in this memorable way. Congratulations for weaving such a rich and readable saga. Your friend, Roberta” ~ Roberta C Hicklin, Vancouver, BC, Canada

  11. Posting a kind review from Paulette Leonard:

    10-Sep-17 “I’m proud of you (GJ Rachael Patterson), Homeland Lost was easy to read and well written. The best was knowing you, the author and some of the family, your mother and Kelly’s mom. I traveled with you. I’m also glad that later in the book your grand-mother, (I identified with her). Thanks so much for sharing Homeland Lost with me.” ~ Paulette Leonard, Hull, QC, Canada

  12. Another post from Glenda Bostock:

    18-Aug-17 – “I really enjoyed my copy of Homeland Lost and plan to reread it in the near future. Lovely descriptive writing and great imagery!!” ~ Glenda Bostock, Alberta, Canada

  13. Kind post from Grace Kostamo:

    11-Jun-17 “Your book Homeland Lost is wow… you have worked so hard to connect the dots and how you connected it must have been such hard effort and at the same time fulfilling turning it into a book. Thanks for sharing wonderful story. … it is like watching a movie based on [a] true extraordinary life story” ~ Grace Kostamo, British Columbia, Canada

  14. Post by Paul Work, SGGEE member & one who kindly assisted me in my German inflection usage throughout Homeland Lost:

    17Mar17 – “I have enjoyed reading Homeland Lost” ~ Paul Work, genealogist/member of SGGEE (assisted in cartography/maps & German inflection usage)

  15. Kind post from Mike Kouri:

    09Mar17 – Homeland Lost – “Great book! A lot of work. For anyone reading this book gets to realize a few things. We have it very easy compared to our ancestors–maybe a little too easy. Also when anyone complains to me about how crappy the weather is, I have been replying for a long time now that I prefer this to being stuck in a refugee camp or a war zone. The hardship Andreas and Emilia and Edriech and all concerned went thru is pretty scary especially the chaos after the war. We are so lucky here in Canada. A lot of people don’t realize this.The epilogue sent chills up my spine. Very nicely written. When is your next book?????” ~ Michel Kouri, Ottawa, ON, CANADA

  16. Kind post review from a 3rd cousin match thru DNA:

    30-Sep-16 – “I’d just like to tell you that I really enjoyed your book Homeland Lost very much. It gave me a real picture of what life was like for your family (it made me wish I’d asked more questions of my own mother). It was recommended to me by another Ancestry member after I’d been in touch with him for information regarding my family tree, and I had already read the book before the DNA test.” ~ Bernadette Waters (3rd cousin match with GJ Rachael Patterson, through DNA testing… living in England)

  17. Kind post by Donna Sugrue Gnam:

    10Feb17 – Homeland Lost .. beautiful book, great sketches. Intro is descriptive & leads us to being in that moment, imagining what our senses pick up, scents of flora, bird songs, rural simplicity & warmth.” ~ Donna Sugrue Gnam

  18. Kind post by Patricia Brown:

    21-Jan-17 – “This book Homeland Lost is totally amazing. Uniquely written and truly feel like the reader is actually present in the story. Love it Rachael” ~ Patricia Brown , Calgary

  19. My friend & author Hazel Sheppard gave Homeland Lost a good review: ” GJ Rachael Patterson gives us an intriguing study in relationships & life through her intense research & insight in Homeland Lost, her first novel. She has meticulously followed historic events while entwining human qualities & capturing our interest in her characters & their futures. Homeland Lost is a most informative & enjoyable read.” ~ Hazel Ann Wiget Sheppard, author/publisher, Sheppard Publishing LLC, Rockport, Massachusetts, USA. Writer of the children’s trilogy The Inchy Books & Big Red’s Greatest Find. TY Hazel…❤

  20. Review by my friend & author Wayne James Sheppard: Homeland Lost by GJ Rachael Patterson is written in a sharp, crisp, virtually real style that truly puts the reader right there in the present moment. One feels all of their senses acutely heightened transporting us directly into the story, as a participant not only accompanying the characters, but having the feeling of sometimes being them. A romantic, historical adventure, a special, highly detailed treasure that the author has so lovingly & earnestly shared with the reader.” ~ Wayne James Sheppard, author/screenwriter of Burden of Privilege:The Secret Life of Geoffrey Collins

  21. Kind post from Holly Wiens:

    07Jun16 – “You will smell The flowers and hear the sounds as you read (Homeland Lost). Seeing comes alive as you read . Memories flooded my soul as my childhood was made up Of many of the same sights and sounds and images.” ~ Holly Wiens

  22. Post from Carrie-Ann Smith, from Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, where Homeland Lost has been accepted into the Archives Library:

    27May16 – “Hi Rachael, the book (Homeland Lost) looks gorgeous and I started reading it and was very taken with the style. I cannot thank you enough.”
    ~ Carrie-Ann Smith
    Chief, Audience Engagement
    Chef, responsable de la mobilisation du public
    Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 | Musée canadien de l’immigration du Quai 21~

  23. Another kind post by Mia nee Kitteringham Klassen:

    25Apr16 – “Your book is a treasure to behold, to read and to be enlightened by! Thank you for the blessing you bestowed upon me!” ~ Mia Kitteringham

  24. Post from cousin Becky nee Porat de Vries (daughter of Albrecht in Homeland Lost):

    24Apr16 – “I finished your book about a week ago. I quite enjoyed it … When you mention you and also your mom walking down the cow path to the Fletcher School, it reminds me of when I was young and enjoyed walking the cow path too.” ~ Becky de Vries nee Porat (cousin).

  25. Kind post by Lynne Lavergne:

    01Mar16 – “I’m quite enjoying Homeland Lost. I’m amazed at the amount of information you were able to gather. It must have been an incredible amount of work. Good for you.” ~ Bonnie Lynne Lavergne, Edmonton, AB

  26. Post by Barb Yantha:

    14JAN16 – “Hi Rachael, I have been meaning to write. I saw a posting by you in the SGGEE mailing list which prompted me to be reminded. I loved your book! My family came from Poland and I heard many stories of WWII growing up. Thank you for writing it all down and sharing it!” ~ Barb Yantha

  27. Another post by Mara Manke, cousin, Great granddaughter of Friedrich Ramien in Homeland Lost:

    27DEC15 – “my mom and dad (Louise & Elliott Manke read Homeland Lost) and they really enjoyed it!!” ~ Mara M. McClain, Cleveland, OH, USA

  28. Another post by Grace Kostamo:

    19-Aug-15 – “I’ve started reading your novel. So far so good like watching one of a great movie in history.” ~ Grace Kostamo, Duncan, BC, Canada

  29. Post from cousin Dwight Parsons, son of Marta Porat in Homeland Lost:

    27-Jul-15 – “Enjoying your book. Looks just awesome!” ~ Your cousin Dwight Parsons, Wetaskiwin, AB, Canada

  30. Another post by Lorraine Yackulic:

    2015 – “Nice to hear from you, Rachael! Yes, I most certainly enjoyed your historical novel Homeland Lost, and I am going to reread it soon. I always reread the good books I have…sometimes even more than twice. Yours is one that I will most likely choose again and again.” ~ Lorraine Yackulic

  31. Another post by Peg Dolen-Huber:

    23-Jun-15 – (GJ Rachael Patterson) Her book Homeland Lost is a must read!! Excellent story and very well written! ~ Peg Dolen-Huber, Lloydminster, AB

  32. Post by Marv Nevans:

    18-May-15 – “Rachael, I received your book(s) Homeland Lost in good condition. Thanks very much. I glanced at a copy and it looks interesting. I’ll let you know more after I’ve read it. I’ll pass one copy on to my 93 year old aunt who typed up a family history a few years ago. ~ All the best, Marv Nevans”

  33. Kind post by Ed Arndt:

    18-May-15 – “I have finished reading your lovely book Homeland Lost. You are a marvelous story teller, very gifted, very articulate, very poetic, very feminine and well in control of the English language.” ~ Ed Arndt

  34. Post from cousin Kelly Maygard, son of Anya Porat in Homeland Lost:

    02-May-15 – Homeland Lost “This is Wetaskiwin and Falun history and a great read.” ~ Kelly Maygard, Calgary, AB, Canada

  35. Kind post by Linda Tacordo Behrendt (wife of my 3rd cousin)

    06-Oct-2015 – Homeland Lost “FANTASTIC BOOK!! WHAT A LIFE YOUR GRANDPARENTS AND YOUR MOTHER HAD!!” ~ Linda Tancordo Behrendt, North Carolina, USA

  36. Post by Doreen Saulner, cousin/ in-law descendant of Olivia Porat in Homeland Lost:

    28-Mar-15 “I read your book Homeland Lost and found it very very good . It was quite interesting too as have known many of your characters. .. I really did enjoy the book.” ~ Doreen Saulnier, Drumheller, AB, Canada

  37. Kind post by Jan Summers & her sister Sally Naught:

    30Jan2015 – “Am almost finished with the first reading and loving it. The book Homeland Lost is ending too soon. Brilliant. Love, Sal & Janner” Cleveland, WA, USA

  38. Comments on Homeland Lost video trailer:
    29Jan2015 – “THIS WAS FABULOUS!!! I LOVE THE MUSIC AND WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT AS A MOVIE!” ~ Linda Tancordo Behrendt, North Carolina, USA

  39. Comments on Homeland Lost video trailer:
    Linda Tancordo Behrendt
    Amy Culverhouse Behrendt very cool – do you have a copy?
    Linda Tancordo Behrendt YES
    Betty Pettit Stracuzzi I hear Hollywood Calling?
    Linda Tancordo Behrendt THAT WOULD BE GREAT!

  40. Another kind post from Lorraine Yakulik:

    20Jan2015 – “Rachael! … I most certainly enjoyed your historical novel Homeland Lost, and I am going to reread it soon. I always reread the good books I have…sometimes even more than twice. Yours is one that I will most likely choose again and again.” ~ Lorraine Yackulic

  41. Post from cousin Jeanie Janssen, daughter of Zelyna Porat in Homeland Lost:

    20Jan15 – “Just wanted to let you know Gord read your book Homeland Lost also and enjoyed it also. We both thought what a well written book. We were both very impressed but what can I say you are my awesome cuz. Both of our girls are interested in reading the book also. Take care love from Jeanie” Edmonton, AB, Canada

  42. Kind post by Pamela Leja-Katsaris, Great-granddaughter of Henrietta Ramien in Homeland Lost & her mother Olga Leja, Granddaughter of Henrietta Ramien:

    08Jan15-Mom (Olga Leja) read your book Homeland Lost and really, really enjoyed it. She has been speaking about it often with my brothers, her granddaughters, my husband, etc, as well as describing the memories she has of her family and the memories her parents passed on to her. Thank you very much for the e-book! I have not yet had the opportunity to download, however, I know I will love it.” ~ Pamela Leja-Katsaris

  43. Another post by cousin Jeanie Janssen (daughter of Zelyna Porat in Homeland Lost):

    29Dec14-“I just finished reading your wonderful book Homeland Lost. I enjoyed it very much. I think back as you have written about our grandparents and what nice memories of them. What hard times they went through something I hope we will never know or our children or grandchildren will ever know.
    I love the part about grandma and her cigarette which I always remember. She would give Garry and myself tobacco and paper once in awhile where we go out behind the barn and tried to smoke. Grandma always made everyone feel special. I know my mother got that gift from her. Sad to say I really do not remember to much about grandpa. Maybe he was always working out in the fields I am not sure. I do remember his blue eyes for sure.
    Aunt Ella was amazing. I had no idea all that she had done to help out with our grandparents on the farm. All the children really. Growing up I always thought Aunt Ella was quite intelligent but I do not know why. She just came across that way talking to my parents. I didn’t really know her that well, but loved to see her when she visited my parents and brought Grandma with her. She was always fun to be around.
    You did a great job with writing your book. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
    PS I am sure my grandparents on the Pohl side of the family went through similar circumstances as they were in the same region of Russia.
    Thanks again and do take care.”
    Love cousin Jeanie, Edmonton, AB, Canada

  44. Kind post from Jeanne Dibb:

    28Dec14-“I am so loving your book Homeland Lost and savoring every word. I love how you have created such a visual imagery. And because I know you I can hear your voice talking to me. Congrats again! Also what’s interesting is that my family came from Prussia. I am from a German Mennonite descent. So we came from a similar area of the world though different religions. Anyways you should keep up your writing you are so gifted. Could you bring me another book next week if possible I want to give my daughter one for Christmas…she will love it…she writes lot of creative nonfiction and I believe there is a book inside of her too! You are an inspiration!”
    Love you, Jeanne, Calgary, AB

  45. Another post by Sally Naught:

    20-Dec-2014-Hi Honey, … I did want you to know the book(s) Homeland Lost arrived yesterday and we were so pleased and surprised to see the dedication included us. What a treat and thoughtful thing for you to do. Thanks so much. Am already started and love your descriptive and lyrical style. Am enjoying it so much. … 🙂 Love, Sal and Jan der pooh, Cleveland, WA, USA

  46. Post from cousin Edwin Plester, son of Olivia Porat in Homeland Lost: 28Dec2014

    “Finished your book Homeland Lost the other day. Just wanted to let you know I think you did a great job of it. Congrats. Love Ed” ~ Edwin Plester, Edmonton, AB, Canada

  47. Kind posting by Lorraine Yakulik:

    Lorraine Yackulic
    I received your book Homeland Lost yesterday, Rachael, and I am already a bit into it. What a wonderful style of writing. You certainly bring history alive.
    Your ancestors and mine came from the same general area of Poland…although mine went on to Volhynia before coming to Manitoba in the early 1890s.
    I am certainly learning about what their life might have been like, and I find myself reading paragraphs more than once in order to fully imagine that life.
    Thank you for autographing the book. You should have a large market of possible readers in Alberta as we had a lot of German immigrants so many came from that area of Europe. Take care, Lorraine

    I am well into your book now…past the POW camp internment and I just cannot put the book aside. My other tasks are put on hold!

    GJ Rachael Patterson… been told by others to keep writing.. we shall see. thank you Linda Tancordo Behrendt for your kind comments.
    Linda Tancordo Behrendt R- YOU ARE A VERY GOOD WRITER.
    Rachael Patterson awww…. thank you! U cuz xox

  49. Kind post by Girard Windle:

    18-Dec-2014-Hi … Leslie and two of her friends headed downtown early this morning to buy Christmas gifts for the local orphanage. Christmas is so much simpler here. That gave me a bit of quiet time to finish your wonderful book Homeland Lost. I planted myself on the patio beside the hummingbird feeder and finished the last few chapters. It was a very pleasant read. I enjoyed it immensely. Your research was very impressive and your writing style was very easy to read. I think you should be very pleased with your result. Your mother would be very proud. GW Gerry Windle. Calgary, AB

  50. Another kind post by Sylvia Castle:

    22-Jan-2015-“I finished your wonderful book Homeland Lost and so enjoyed my trip through the generations. I am so proud to have an autographed copy. Thank you over and over again for sharing this part of history! The book is a special treasure for me.” ~ Sylvia Castle, Colorado, USA

  51. Kind post by Mike McHenry:

    09-Jul-2021-“The book (Homeland Lost) was excellent. My sister read it as well. Your book was very relevant as my ancestors were Vistula German from Lipno and Secymin parishes.” ~ Mike McHenry, New Jersey USA

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